Welcome to Sugnall Walled Garden - designed and built over 275 years ago in order to help feed the family and small army of servants living in and around the original Sugnall Hall.

These days it still produces food for the Tea Room, where our jams, chutneys, soups, tarts and quiches are sold there and through the Farmers' Market. However, the biggest change that a time-traveller would see is that the walled garden is now a venue for a wide range of events, including parties, weddings and country fairs.

The historic garden has become a living, breathing rural venue that welcomes visitors all year round. We also host private and corporate events, and food and plant fairs.

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Sugnall Walled Garden  |  Sugnall  |  Eccleshall  |  ST21 6NF
T: 01785 850820  |  E: info@sugnallwalledgarden.co.uk